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History of Church Farm Meats

History of Church Farm Meats

Established in 1860 by James Hooper, we have a long tradition in both farming and butchery. This has continued through the generations to the present day in the form of brothers Neil and Martin Hooker.

Originally, James ran a butchers and abattoir business from Clouds Hill Road in Bristol, passing the trade on to his son (Frederick) and his grandson (Harry).

By 1924 Harry had opened another abattoir at Mount Pleasant Farm, Longwell Green, Bristol and expanded into buying at local livestock markets, cattle rearing and supplying the wholesale market. This is still owned by the Hooper Family today, although the meat side of the business has moved to Church Farm, Broughton Gifford from where we run Church Farm Meats and where our Prime Beef is raised to a very high standard,

Neil trained as a slaughterman and butcher after leaving school. He is a knowledgeable and skilled Masterbutcher using traditional methods of meat cutting . After running a shop in the nearby village of Holt for many years, he moved the business to the farm in 1996.

Martin chose to farm alongside his father, Jim, from an early age and they continue to work in partnership today, rearing the Mixed Beef Herd.

Histororical Photographs of the Hooper Family

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